Rainbow Public School

Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi

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About Us


A word by Principal

We Rainbow Public School are delivering education services to this area for over 14 years with teaching methodology of its own. We have successfully understood the local problems of our regionand framed the teaching methods accordingly. And accordingly we are getting the results.Initially were running the school in less than 1 acre of land but minion to make it a C.B.S.E. 12th school brought us to Sherwa-Hakimpur Bypass road. Here we are more close to our students and here we have established the school in more than 2 acres(12.5 bighas) of land.With our technically designed school layoutand building, we are focussing on all romel developments, sports acivities, discipline etc.

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    Affiliation Status

    The School is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi Board.

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    Infrastructure Details

    The School has a large playground and a technically designed building.

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    Students Section

    Student's Corner that contains all the information about the students and for the students.

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    Our Inclusion Policy

    We believe there is a paralympian in every differently abled Kid.

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Fee Structure (2023-24)

Registration Charge: ₹ 500
Admission Charge : ₹ 2500
Annual Charge:
Nursery to Class-8th : ₹ 2000
Class-9th to Class 12th : ₹ 4000
Monthly Fee:
Nursery to L.K.G.: ₹ 1000
U.K.G. to Class 4th : ₹ 1200
Class-5th to Class 8th : ₹ 1400
Class-9th: ₹ 1600
Class-10th:: ₹ 1800
Class-11th: ₹ 2000
Class-12th: ₹ 2500
Examination Fee : ₹ 1000 (₹ 500/term)
Stationary Charge (for Nursery and L.K.G only): ₹ 300/year


First Class

Sports Activities

From a large playground to excellent indoor games facilities, the school greatly emphasizes on Sports activities and conduct various sporting events at regular intervals such as soccer matches, VolleyBall matches, Atheletics, Table-Tennis etc.

Second Training

Cultural Activites

True personality of students comes out when they perform a variety of cultural activities, overwhelming music, joyful dances , colorful paintings etc. are just a part of jist.

Third Class

School Trips

To maintain joy among students, and to append knowledge about various places in students, the school arrange various trips to various amazing places for students.

Fourth Training

Fourth Training Class

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Transfer Certificates in the session 2021-2022

Our Teachers

One of the prime reason why our school is so successful in various diverse fields is our highly qualified and talented teachers.


Mrs. Renu Nainwal

M.A. B.Ed


Ms. Anshika Vishnoi

M.A. B.Ed


Mr. Anurag Shukla

B.Sc B.Ed


Mrs. Naina Sharma

M.A. B.Ed


Mr. Lalit Singh Rana

B.Sc B.P.Ed


Mr. Dushyant

B.Sc B.Ed


Mrs. Eshu Chaudhary

M.Comm. B.Ed

Special Educator

Mrs. Rita Srivastava

M.A. N.T.T.


Mrs. Ranjeeta

B.A. B.Lib


Mr Gopal Singh



Mrs. Sugandha Sharma

M.A. B.Ed


Mrs. Tahjeeb Fatma

M.A. B.Ed

Wellness Teacher

Mr. Nitin Kumar



Mrs. Rinki Vishnoi

M.A. B.Ed


Mrs. Chandrakanta Upadhyay

M.A. D.El.Ed

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